Optimize work-processes at your airport.
We provide an affordable software suite for optimizing
work at the different departments of the airports
Still manage work processes manually? .
Need to implement cost-efficient and effective work within time constraints? .
Have trouble gathering and accessing real-time unified data from the necessary departments? .
You can use our software suite to optimize the work
of the departments quickly and affordably.
  • Reduce costs by up to 20%
  • Organize work processes up to x5 times quicker
  • Collect data and access analysis


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Software suite you need

The suite consists of various modules which enable you to affordably digitize and manage work processes within different departments of the airport through AI, scheduling and more.

Suite Modules

Currently, there are 5 modules operating for our partners.
LogoVIP System Created for quicker and more systematic implementation of internal work processes of the VIP service including data collection, reports, and more. As a result, the system also improves the quality of the VIP passenger service.
LogoOnline VIP Payment System Mobile and web-integrated payment system integrated with VIP system which enables online payment for passengers.
LogoLost and FoundCreated for digitizing the internal work processes of the Lost & Found department (a department that deals with lost luggage and items) which enables the staff to quickly input and search necessary information and save time in daily operations. Also, the system helps improve customer service.
LogoFast TrackAn online web and mobile-based application for passengers. With this module, the passengers of your airport would be able to quickly pass through the passport control queues by additional payment possibility.
LogoDevice inspection systemCreated for controlling the operation of various devices (ex. air conditioners, elevators, etc.) located within the area of the airport. It is also used for generating and assigning every checklist to the corresponding employer.

Upcoming Moduls

Automated scheduling and optimization Two similar systems for managing,
scheduling and optimizing:
1. Airport and ground handling operations.

2. The work of check-in, gates and other
passenger services.
Online parking payment system for passengersA system for managing parking payments
and collecting necessary data.
Online mobile and web payments
are integrated with it.
Certificates management system for staff members A system that allows to manage the
repeatable process of receiving
/updating the staff certificates that
are necessary to be eligible
to work with the airlines.
About us Mission: Become a trusted tech partner for airports worldwide by providing affordable software solutions for work process improvement and optimization at the airports.

Vision: Develop the Armenian tech ecosystem by creating a leading tech company that will be specialized in the airport industry and will work with airports worldwide showcasing quality software solutions.

Who we are: A software development company specialized in providing on-premise software solutions for airports since 2018.

What we do: We help airports improve work process management by digitizing and optimizing the work of different departments through AI, scheduling and data-managing software modules.

Why what we do is important: Daily management at the airports requires flexibility, quick adaptability to recurring changes and innovative solutions to existing operations processes. We assist in solving those vital daily issues and also bring more transparency in airport operations.